Sanya Bay


Sanya Bay is an ideal place for vacation and leisure. The bay is surrounded by beautiful tropical scenery with a boundless sea view. The crystal clear blue sea stretches to the edge of the sky, while the waves lap the soft white sand. As Sanya Bay is not far from the city center, it would be a good choice to wander along the bay after supper to feel the soft sea breeze and warm sea water, and view the sunset. As you walk along the bay, you can see the fishermen trawling and hear their working songs resounding to the skies. If you want to taste the real life of the fishermen, you can join them. But remember, trawling is not easy work. The net is about 100 meters (109 yards) long and it takes nearly two or three hours to tow it up to the bank. Moreover, this scene can only be seen in Sanya Bay as fishing has been forbidden in Dadonghai and Asian Dragon Bay.

Compared with those places, the sea water and sand in Sanya Bay are not as good; however it attracts millions of visitors with its advantages.

As the bay is near the city center, it's very convenient to reach and is much cheaper to visit. Not only is it much quieter and less crowded, but Sanya Bay has the most beautiful sunsets and is safe for swimming as the sea is calmer. Also, it is a better choice to live here to taste the daily life of local people.

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Sanya Bay Hainan, China

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